March 2002


  1. Editorial

  2. The Gold Expo - Details - Brad Williams
    Who and What will be There

  3. Divining for Gold - Brad Williams
    Is this phenomena Fact or Fiction

  4. Survival Techniques - Pt 2 - Brad Williams
    How to survive in the Australian bush

  5. Box Iron Bark Response - Vic Government - Sue "Goldie" Reynolds
    Just how committed is the Bracks Labor Government

  6. Australian Gold Conference - 2002 - Tom Ferguson
    Wal and his mate - at it again

  7. Flecks - Snippets of interesting information

  8. Strikes - Recent Finds

  9. Next Lode - What's in next month's Gold Net Magazine


1.  EDITORIALGold Nugget
We pleased to announce that in the next month or two - we will have an Open Chat Line that will be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

This will enable you to chat amongst yourselves and to talk with prospectors from all over the globe. The chat site has been commissioned and is presently under construction. It is unlikely that we will be able to commence this free service to members before the Expo. As soon as the Exposition is completed we will initiate the chat room - subject to satisfactory testing requirements.

On the subject of the Expo - plans are moving forward effectively, and we can expect an improved expo this year. We are aggressively seeking participants and we will have an increase in exhibitors.
In fact there is a 25% increase in exhibitors this year.

Next year there has already been preliminary discussions to take the Expo to a full International event, with the support of Events Ballarat and Beyond and other organisations.

We must also apologise for some down time this month. Although the previous server full well knew that we were changing servers - there was a lack of co-operation from that organisation - until we changed over. We apologise for this down time - but we can assure you it was not of our doing.

Just a few days before the release of last months magazine a 32 ounce nugget was dug from virgin ground just north of Inglewood, in Victoria. It just goes to show that there is gold still out there.
It was on private ground that did not look particularly good to detect. Just goes to show that it can be anywhere doesnt it. See the picture in this months magazine.

We continue to seek overseas markets for the gold that comes from the vast gold fields here. I can report that we are developing some outstanding contacts at this time - and we believe that these will in time prove to be excellent outlets for gold nuggets.


The PMAV have announced that a Rally will be held at Bendigo on Saturday 23rd March 2002 at 11am to protest about the closure of Public Forests.
Meet at Bendigo Railway Station, Mitchell St, Bendigo. See advert on front page.


Email: [email protected]

All material in this magazine is copyright and may not be reproduced in any part or form whatsoever without written permission from the publisher.
Genuine Educational Authorities are encouraged to make requests - which will not, in general, be denied.

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Ph: (08) 8396 7647
Mobile: 0417 848 910


         by Brad Williams

As you read this the Gold Expo in the centre of the greatest gold field in the world - will be getting under way.
And what a Gold Expo it will be.
The following exhibitors - who will be presenting their wares.


Minelab will be there in force once again. Representing the most sophisticated metal detectors in the world today - and with an awesome reputation for presenting to the market - technology that leads the world, in finding gold and other treasures.
Minelab are also providing a magnificent GP Extreme for a lucky visitor to the Expo. We are grateful for the contribution that Minelab continues to make in supporting the Exposition and the industry in general.

The Coiltek Team - Click to enlarge COILTEK

Coiltek will be there in force this year - with some outstanding new products and a complete new range of support gear, including some solar gear that is very innovative. This stand will be very popular this year with new coils and as usual highly professional people including professional prospectors to provide assistance and guidance to prospectors.


Gold Net will be strongly represented this year - and will be promoting the on-line magazine that has been so popular with overseas prospectors.
A good range of support products including some great scales and similar products will also be presented at outstanding prices.
JOHN HARDING - who is a well know prospector in the Dunolly region will be within the Gold Net area - and will be presenting a good range of gold jewellery and nuggets for sale.


Miners Den - the Melbourne store that promotes Minelab products will again be there in force with an outstanding range of both new and second hand detecting gear. Additionally - the Gold buyer Neville Perry will be present in this area - and will be purchasing gold.


The magnificent display of the PMAV last year will be surpassed this year.
With a strong presence and with the need to recruit new members and promote the Rally in support of keeping our forests open - their stand will reflect a positive and informative approach to these issues. Many of the senior representatives will be manning the exhibit throughout the expo - providing a high level of information for interested visitors.


Doug Stone - the prominent owner of Outdoor Press - who has provided the Gold Fossicking industry with some outstanding publications will be there promoting both his books and his popular gold tours.


Once again the combined strength of the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce will present an outstanding array of tourist orientated products that can be found in the Maryborough area.
Among them will be Phil the Gold Man.


Peter Beck - is Australia's largest gold buyer and will again be there to establish and foster contacts for those prospectors who wish to sell their gold.


This year Goodyears will present a large array of gold from Queensland.
Presenting gold nuggets and gold jewellery to the discerning public.


Barrie Johnson will again be there presenting Minelab and other products to the public. A good range of new and second hand detectors will be available from Barrie.


The Toyota Range of four wheel drive vehicles will be a feature of the Expo.
An outstanding range of Toyota's acclaimed vehicles will be present and can be purchased at the event.
NOTE: Ballarat Toyota will take GOLD in full or part payment for any vehicle purchased at the Expo


Martin Marks from the Sydney company, M & D Marks Super Sluice will be present with his ever reliable range of sluices and spiral gold pans - which have a world wide reputation as outstanding products. Martin is a former Australasian Gold Panning champion and is a foremost world authority on Gold Panning techniques.


Trackline will present a range of Minelab Detectors and associated accessories along with promoting gold tours in the gold field region in the vicinity of Bendigo. A range of metal detectors can also be hired from Trackline and tours either escorted or unescorted can be arranged.


A new and innovative product - with a spiral feature is being released at the Expo. Details are somewhat secret at this time - so you will just have to look at the Expo


This innovative company has been supplying the gold industry with equipment for some time - and are now supporting the industry at home. They export a great deal of equipment overseas - to South Africa and beyond. DEPT. N.R.E.

The Minister has arranged for members of her Department to attend to answer questions regarding issued of interest to Prospectors. No doubt many prospectors will pass on their thoughts regarding some topical issues. It should be noted though that the members answering questions are government employees - who do not make Government policy. Please pass on your messages with decorum and civility.

The facilities at the Gold Expo - will again be outstanding - with excellent eating facilities - including hamburgers - chips - and an array of other goodies that will be provided in the caf´┐Ż area which will have tables and chairs where social intercourse will be encouraged.

The Expo will be open from 9am on Saturday 16th March and continue until 5 pm on Saturday evening. On Sunday 17th March the Expo will open at 9am and continue until 4pm that afternoon.
The admission fee for adults is $8.00 with children under 18 free.
Parking is free.

We are sure that the Expo will be more than worth your while attending.
We would like to see you there to support your industry - and partake in the social interaction - which was an outstanding feature of the Expo last year.

In conclusion - I can say that we have been negotiating for some time with a number of organisations to take this Expo to a global market - and next year - expect it to be a HUGE event.
We look forward to seeing you there - and bring a friend.


         by Brad Williams

This is indeed a controversial topic - and one that may draw some criticism. Never the less to sensibly deal in an objective manner with this is the aim of this article.

Now divining or dowsing as some may know this phenomenon has a considerable following. It also has its detractors and many do not believe. Serious scientific research has to my knowledge never been undertaken to explain why 1 in 5 people or thereabouts when holding two pieces of wire in front of their bodies will actually cross when walking forward, as they presumably pass over water. However to put some common sense into the facts will not be easy as I have a somewhat biased attitude to this subject.

Divining Rods - Click to enlarge I recall that as a young man growing up in the Adelaide Hills people who could divine were often used to find water to sink bores. I was an extremely sceptical teenager - aged about 16 at the time, and as my father wished to sink a bore to supplement the irrigation scheme on the farm - a local diviner was invited to perform his stuff. I was of course interested and this diviner was holding a forked stick - cut from a poplar tree.

Having been shown how to hold the stick I was walking alongside the diviner, when his stick began to lift. I was mesmerised watching his stick lift as he walked along. In fact my attention was so focused that I did not see my own stick lifting until it hit me in the face. To say the least I was stunned. The diviner laughed and told me at that time that about 1 in 5 people have this ability but do not recognise it. Since then I have discovered that there is some truth to this.

From that time on - I took an intense interest in the phenomena, and using known water bores - where the depth and water quality was known I developed an understanding of the "feel" that was conveyed through the forked stick. Over many years I talked with many people who claimed to be able to tell the quality of water and the depth etc. I am personally very sceptical of diviners who place a coin in their mouth and suggest that they can tell if the water is free from salt. But I can say that if two diviners are let loose in an area of 10 acres - they will both generally draw a similar map of alleged underground water. If in a known area of water depth - they can generally indicate reasonably accurately the depth of the water. It becomes a skill.

My personal belief, after many years of experience is that there is probably some truth to this phenomenon - but I have no idea why it works, and can only offer a layman's opinion. I have never been able to understand what causes wires to cross or the stick to lift. It is a complete mystery. I have often thought that water deep underground running through metallic rocks in some way creates an electrical current that reacts through the body. I am theorising only and of course have no scientific explanation. I am certainly making just a poor attempt to explain something that I don't understand.
Now having set the record straight - or having confused you more - to look at the suggestion one can divine for gold - is even more complex and confusing indeed.

In general my understanding is that some will use divining to indicate where alluvial fine gold lies. In my naive mind perhaps this can be explained in the following way. For millions of years streams have carried gold and some of these streams over this period have moved underground. Still bringing gold with it as the water flows, and as the waterway cut deeper and deeper into the earth heavier deposits of gold were left behind.

It Worked Here - Click to enlarge Consequently over these millions of years more gold lies in the ground in the vicinity of old streams that have moved underground. I can say that where I tested this theory on the Shoalhaven River, more gold was recovered from sand over old streams where the stick was reacting - than in places where there was no reaction. This was not a definitive test by any means - and it could have been co-incidental. Perhaps I choose to believe that it was not - but there is no doubt that more gold was recovered on this day by digging where there was a reaction from the forked stick.

I certainly do not believe that anyone can divine for nuggets in any way, but I have an open mind and if someone would like to test me out - please make the offer. I have heard of people claiming they can do this - but I have never seen it and am sceptical of anyone who can claim that nuggets can be found in this way. I also recognise that many will be sceptical of what has been previously written - but I to do not understand why the stick lifts - so in many respects I too am sceptical.

It should be recognised that there are some very high profile companies that use water diviners. The Roche Corporation - the Pharmaceutical giant has employed diviners to find water for decades. However if one looks around the Internet for some further sensible reading you are overpowered by an avalanche of occult and psychic phenomena web sites that offer the most bizarre explanations - attacks and rhetoric that drives one to hit the back button on the browser with monotonous regularity.

I quite from one of the many "scientific" articles.
"For water well drillers, and the scientists and engineers who make a living in the groundwater industry, "dowsing" or "witching" for water is akin to astrology or witch craft or faith healing - that is, something rather appealing to certain people but which is entirely unsupported by scientific evidence and professional experience. Like other mystical beliefs it has many practioners, and almost all of them offer their services without expecting financial gain".

There are many who feel this way - and perhaps with human understanding being limited in knowledge - one can only expect this type of informed - or uninformed comment, depending on your own thoughts and prejudices.

In any case - it is recognised that wires can and do cross and forked sticks react.
The reasons have yet to be scientifically explained. So in the interim the believers and non believers will continue with their thoughts - while I will occasionally find a lost bore - and maybe just maybe find a little more fine gold on the Shoalhaven.
Believe it or not!


4.  SURVIVAL TECHNIQUES - PT 2Gold Nugget             
         by Brad Williams

Australia is a vast and in many respects inhospitable land. With over 70% of the continent classified as desert and in a hot and desolate climate throughout most of the desert regions can be life threatening if precautions are not taken.
The knowledge that an Australian grows up with, knowing the dangers and almost instinctively taking precautions to overcome them - sometimes needs to be stated.

The most difficult problem in the desert regions of Australia is an almost total lack of water. Rivers and streams simply don't exist in these regions.
Australia is a very flat continent. The highest point on the mainland is Mt. Kosciusko at just 7,314 feet. Out West, it is just endless flat plains that make navigating by land marks almost impossible. There are simply miles and miles of endless flat plains that look so similar you can walk all day and think you have not progressed at the end of it. In fact Australia is so flat out west - that one stretch of rail line goes for 200 miles - dead straight and dead flat.

Flat Desert Country - Click to enlarge This is also an area where rainfall is rare - and sometimes many years go by without any rainfall at all. Usually the rainfall in these remote desert areas averages about 5" a year. Natural rainfall here cannot be relied on.
Neither can old watercourses - where in some places in the world you can dig in old river beds and actually find some water seepage at 2-3 feet depth. This is rare in this country.
The most important thing to ensure survival here is water. The human body can go for a long time without food - but only a few days without water.

As previously stated - it is always best to remain with your vehicle - but is the need arises that you should leave your vehicle; careful consideration must be given to your needs in the environment you are to traverse to get back to civilisation. In general is you are in the western desert of Australia there are some vital aids that should be carried with you. Recognise that this is by no means a comprehensive list - but it should be used as a guide only.

Water This is the most essential item you can take with you. Don't go anywhere without as much as you can carry.
Food Take a variety of food stuffs - including fruit
GPS A vital assistant that should not leave you - when you are anywhere in the bush
Compass Always take a compass - even if you have a GPS. Although GPS systems are reliable it is always sensible to take a back up system.
Maps Good quality maps of your intended route are a vital element to get you to safety.
Mirror If aircraft of other vehicles are out searching for you using a mirror to flash sunlight in their direction is an outstanding aid to bring attention to you. Remember someone in the vast outback is very hard to spot.
Clothing Quality clothing that covers all your body is required - for two reasons - to reduce the loss of moisture from your body and to provide warmth at night.
Ground sheet Warmth at night is vital for you to get proper rest. If you are cold - you will not sleep well and disorientation may be the result.
Knife An essential tool - to provide an aid in many circumstances.
Firearm This can be used to provide food and also to gain attention.
Rope or Cord This will aid in many circumstances - including providing a shelter holder in wet or inclement weather.
Matches or Lighter To make a fire to cook food - keep you warm and as a signal beacon.
Writing materials In case your plans are altered - to leave prominent notes of your intentions.

It is essential that you know where your starting point is when selecting a route and or direction to travel. That is why a GPS is a vital part of your equipment at all times, along with a good quality map.

At all times when you are in the bush always keep your navigation skills to the fore and know where you are at all times even on well used tracks.
As a great deal of the bush is featureless, use of a GPS and or a compass is an absolute requirement in this environment.

When selecting a route - make sure that it widely known. In other words if you are leaving someone with the vehicle - make your intentions known.
It is important to communicate effectively and discuss a Plan A and Plan B etc. as required. Have a plan and stick to it - if possible. Write it down and keep it with you. In general your best chance is to make for a well known used road. Especially if you know you are at right angles to a well used route. Even if you become disorientated but can keep travelling in the general direction your path should eventually bisect your target.

Always keep your body covered when moving - especially in the heat of the day. Wear a hat, as this reduces the amount of fluid loss from your body. Keeping the body covered - including the head will enable you to travel two or more days as your body will not be using vital moisture. It is preferred that you travel at night - but this is not always possible.

In extreme circumstances the mind can play tricks, if you are becoming dehydrated. This may result in you not being able to make sound appreciations of your situation. Refer to your written plan and refocus. Remember not to leave anything you have taken with you behind. Always take a ground sheet - as the nights in the desert can turn bitterly cold.

Each situation you find yourself in calls for an understanding of making sound appreciations. Knowledge is power. And knowing where you are at all times is your greatest asset. Don't forget it.


        by Sue "Goldie" Reynolds

There is no doubt that the most contentious issue facing the Prospecting industry at this time is the Box-Ironbark debate. More to the point - the lack of debate from the Bracks Labor Government in Victoria, that is simply running rough shod over our rights.

I was always led to believe that a Labor government was one that listened to people and delivered. Maybe I got lost in what the Brack's government says are its policies.
Here are some of them that have been promulgated by the present regime.

I quote ver batim:

Policy 1:

Labor will govern through a new partnership between the people and their government. In Government we will focus on our core responsibilities:


The government talks about a partnership between the government and the people. In relation to the box ironbark issue - the debate has hardly been one of a partnership. Much more like a dictatorship in fact, with the lack of consultation that has been forthcoming from Government in relation to the Box-Ironbark issue.

Policy 2:

Labor believes that all Victorians - city and country - should have access to decent services and fully share in the State's prosperity.


What an interesting statement. Well part of the service one expects in the country is to be listened to and to be heard by Government. Not treated like a country bumpkin to be told just how and what we as citizens will be permitted to do. Provided we are acting in a reasonable way - services including access to forests are summarily being denied to us - and for no real reason. Is this dictatorship?

Policy 3:

A new Regional Infrastructure and Development Fund to create jobs and return services to country Victoria;


Create jobs and return services to Rural Victoria. How can that be done when the Government expects their policy relating to the Box-Ironbark issue to actually lose jobs. Is there a conflict there?

Policy 4:

Providing economic infrastructure so the private sector can create jobs, particularly in rural and regional Victoria


Mr. Bracks - if you wish to create jobs - taking away forest access and therefore reducing tourist activity into these areas is no way to create jobs. In fact quite the opposite is the reality of your present policies. Maybe you should read you own aims sometime.

Policy 5:

Restoring the legal and democratic rights of Victorian citizens such as common law rights:


I always thought democracy was about being consultation - and conciliation. With this government those processes have been lost in the headlong rush to placate a small percentage of theorists - rather than the majority of citizens who are domiciled in the rural areas of Victoria. Perhaps the democratic rights of the proletariat will deliver a message to the government at the ballot box.

Policy 6:

A new Regional Infrastructure and Development Fund to create jobs and return services to country Victoria;


Since this government has been in power smaller rural communities have not generally seen services and jobs returning to rural Victoria. The exceptions are larger rural cities that are economically sound in any case.

Policy 7:

Revitalising the Environment Protection Agency; - the establishment of a National Parks Service to properly protect and enhance our national parks.


Maybe the government's intention was to revitalise the Environment Protection Authority. Unfortunately it has created a bureaucratic monster that is out of control and more to the point is not controllable by government.

Policy 8:

Our Government's new policies builds on Victoria's strengths and set the foundations for economic and community growth and stability. They provide a new and real partnership.


Partnerships are about sharing - however this government is sharing nothing in the box-iron debate. It is more like - "We know what is best for you - just do as you are told". Sorry Mr. Bracks - that is not the way a government should behave. Sensible and constructive consultation and negotiation is required. The box-Ironbark issue is a highly emotive issue and one that your government has handled badly. You and your government will pay a price for your recalcitrant behaviour.

I also point out that 20 letters were written to various politicians regarding this issue. Only about half bothered to reply - and ALL replies received from the Labor members of parliament simply referred the letters on to the responsible government member. Clearly my comments were not even seen by those members I wrote to. It makes a mockery of the democratic process. Certainly my respect for politicians of this ilk - has been lost.


         by Tom Ferguson

The Australian Gold Conference will be held in Melbourne from the 14 -16 April 2002, at the Convention Centre.
This conference is essentially for the larger players in the gold industry. Organised by the Australian Gold Council and the Chamber of Minerals and Energy, the conference deals with issues confronting the gold industry.

It is of note to see that Steve Bracks the Victorian Premier is opening the conference. On one hand - closing down those who find gold, yet on the other welcoming the big end of the market to Melbourne. Is there an irony there somewhere?

On Sunday the 14th April the day is set aside for investors. Speakers advise the benefits of gold as an investment and prospective clients have the opportunity to discuss their potential investment plans with a myriad of people that have the expertise to advise them.

On the Monday the real conference begins. Following the welcome speech by Hon Steve Bracks - the Victorian Premier welcoming delegates, the serious end of the conference gets down to business. Some of the speakers are well recognised as big end players in the gold industry.

The keynote speech is being given by Randall Oliphant.
Randall Oliphant is President and Chief Executive Officer of Barrick Gold Corporation. He assumed the position in March 1999 and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1997.
Previously, Mr. Oliphant was Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and has held progressively responsible positions since joining Barrick in 1987. As Chief Financial Officer since 1994, he effectively played a key role in the Company's overall strategy and development. Mr. Oliphant's range of experience has included Vice President of Corporate Development, and Vice President and Treasurer of the Company.
Educated at the University of Toronto, Mr. Oliphant obtained an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1984 and earned his chartered accountant designation in 1986 at Coopers " Lybrand.

This will be followed by a Question and Answer forum - conducted by David Koch.
David is one of Australia's foremost business and finance commentators.
Managing Director of My Money Group Limited, David is also the business and finance expert for the Seven and Prime TV Networks, the Macquarie Radio Network and the host of the Sky News Business Report seen on Australia's Sky News Channel and throughout Asia on ABC Asia Pacific.
Koch has created successful enterprises in diverse media including magazines, the Internet and an abstract news service. His passion for small business has also seen him appointed as a Director of the NSW Small Business Development Corporation since it began.
A wide-ranging knowledge of both money and business along with his extensive history in this sector has seen David recently recognized as one of the most influential in the financial services industry by Money Management newspaper.
As a presenter, David speaks informatively from a base of personal experience and knowledge of business and financial issues.

This will be followed by discussion groups which will include the following participants.
Kamal Naqvi.
Kamal is the London-based Precious Metals Analyst for Macquarie Bank. He has worked for Macquarie for the past four years. He is part of a dedicated research team which services the equity, bullion & commodities trading and corporate advisory divisions of the bank with metals and minerals research and market intelligence.
Kamal is currently Chairman of the Public Affairs Committee of the London Bullion Market Association.
Prior to joining Macquarie, Kamal was a consultant with CRU International Ltd in London, as part of both the Lead/Zinc and Precious Metals teams. Before joining CRU, Kamal was a Project Manager/Economist for the Mining & Mineral Processing Division of the Tasmanian Department for Development and Resources. Educated at the University of Tasmania, Kamal obtained degrees in law and in economics (with honours).

Peter Lalor
Peter originally practised law in Western Australia. He started Sons of Gwalia in 1981 with his brother Chris. The company now produces approximately 500,000 ounces of gold per annum and is the largest producer of tantalum in the world.
Mr Lalor has been a director of the World Gold Council since its creation in 1987. He is also a Director of Gold Corporation - the owner of the Perth Mint and the producer of the Australian Nugget Coin. He is the Deputy Chairman of the Australian Gold Council, Vice President of the Chamber of Minerals & Energy of WA and the Executive Committee of the Minerals Council of Australia.

Of interest - during the afternoon of the first day the issue of the US dollar and the gold price will be discussed by Clifford Bennett.
Clifford Bennett is Senior Currency Analyst for BNP Paribas based in Singapore. He is reponsible for research and strategy recommendations for the currencies of Australasia, Eastern Europe, and South Africa, as well as the major currencies including the USD and Euro during the Asian time zone. Clifford has been a significant commentator on global currency markets for the past 17 years, particularly the Australian Dollar, US Dollar and Euro. His aggressively bearish calls on the Australian Dollar over the past few years have proven remarkably accurate. Clifford holds a degree in Economics from the University of Sydney.

During the second day there are two subjects of interest.
One of these these subjects relates to the Future of Gold - dealt with by Tamara Stevens of the Australian Gold Council.
Tamara has a solid background in the mining industry, having previously worked with the Association of Mining & Exploration Companies and we believe that her background as an industry spokesperson with experience in media liaison, political lobbying, industry issues management, membership recruitment, financial management and strategic planning will help position the Council in the difficult times our industry is now facing. More recently, Tamara was the CEO of The Wine Industry Association of Western Australia.

The Second item of interest is "Can Australian Gold be sold to Jewellery Consumers". This will be dealt with by Naomi Simson.
Bright Marketing is headed by Naomi Simson. Naomi has nearly two decades marketing experience working in the US, Europe and Australia. She has worked with IBM in NY at World Trade Headquarters, worked in Denmark for a leading PC distributor, Compudan (subsidiary of EAC). Naomi has also held senior marketing positions with Apple Computer Australia and Ansett Australia. She has been working with the Australian Gold Council and the JAA on the marketing Australian Gold initiative, as well as consulting on the merger of Goldfields and Delta Gold. She has a wealth of experience in brand marketing. Her experience includes: strategic planning, brand development / management, marketing communication, direct marketing, market analysis and leveraged channel communication strategy.

It is of note that Peter W Beck will also be attending this conference as a forum delegate. Peter is Australia's leading gold buyer within the industry - specialising in supplying the jewellery industry. Peter W Beck will have an exhibit at the Australian Gold & Prospectors Expo.

We wish the conference well.


7.  FLECKS ! - Glints from here and thereGold Nugget


There will be a rally at Bendigo on Saturday 23rd March at 11am against the proposals for new parks.

Please support this RALLY as the politicians are not listening to reason

Phone Rita Bentley if you have any questions on (03) 9572 1578 during business hours.

To view the RALLY details - please click on the link below.



8.  STRIKESGold Nugget
        Recent Finds

FebruaryInglewood32 oz.
FebruaryGolden Triangle8 oz
FebruaryGolden Triangle5 oz
We will only publish information that has been authenticated. This is by no means a comprehensive list as many quality finds are not disclosed. - Ed.

32 oz nugget - Inglewood 8 oz nugget


9.  THE NEW LODE - Next Month's Issue

  • The Gold Expo - 2002 Wrap up
    The Expo and what it achieved
  • Ararat and its Gold
    We look at the great gold bonanza at Ararat
  • Looking at Echunga
    We look at the Gold History at Echunga
  • The Protest Rally
    The Protest Rally at Bendigo


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