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There is only about 30,000 metric ton of gold bullion in private hands globally. Most of this gold is NOT for sale.

The World Gold Council web site provides considerable information regarding gold holdings etc. World Gold Council

The world produces about 2,500mt of gold per year, and uses about 3,500mt a year. Almost all the banks in Europe have agreed not to sell more than 500mt total in any one year. View details here

The gold price is set twice daily by the Bullion Banks in London. Gold Fixing Website

These banks are members of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). See the LBMA website

This price is generally accepted globally as the price for gold on that day.

Real sellers of gold bullion use this price as a base price then add a commission structure onto each ton of gold. Usually this is only a few thousand US$. e.g. $30,000 or thereabouts.

Real gold sellers do not use the Internet to send FCO's, SKR's etc. or for that matter any email documentation in view of Internet fraud. It is either faxed or sent by courier.

Gold obtained from the ground in any form is never in pure form. Gold purity can be as low at 50% or up to 96% gold. Most small gold pieces contain some silver and other precious metals.
Gold will also contain some worthless material e.g. dirt which will be burnt off during refining.

A sale of 100 tons of gold is considered a relatively large sale.

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Gold Bullion is gold that has been refined to the GLD (Good London Delivery) standard by a recognised refinery. Good London Delivery

This gold has been refined to at least 9995. That is 99.95% gold. Gold is generally refined to 9995, 9999 or in some circumstances 99999. Gold is never referred to as 100% pure gold.

Most gold is now refined into Metric measurements, but 1 ounce gold bullion still exists.

To view the categories of gold bullion Click Here

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The Internet gold bullion market is infested with criminal activity. It is so corrupted by criminal elements, incompetent agents/mandates or fakers that almost ALL offers appearing on the Internet are fraudulent.
All offers that include DISCOUNT for gold bullion can be immediately excluded as FAKE.
Offers referring to LME (London Metals Exchange) will be fake. Note: The LME has never dealt in gold and does not set the price of gold.

If you receive such an offer with discount, ask yourself this question. If I owned gold bullion and I could get 2nd London Price for my gold in London, would I sell it at a discount? Answer NO!.
Offers with discount on GLD gold, can ALL be deleted immediately because they WILL be fake.

All offers that mention 1,000mt - 5,000mt or 10,000mt etc. are completely FAKE, especially if they mention discount. Such amounts of gold simply do NOT exist for sale.

Offers from Africa are close to 100% fake. Such countries as Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Burkino Faso, Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, ALL suffer from organised criminal gangs who target the Internet with fraudulent offers, particularly for gold.
In general you will be offered gold dust at around US$18,000 per kg. although the real price is around US$30,000 per kg. That price is designed to pique interest so the 'target' thinks they can make a fast dollar. You will never need to pay for the gold until it has been delivered, refined and then you have 72 hours etc. to pay for the gold.

HOWEVER to get the gold out of the country YOU must pay costs to refine, along with other government charges, including TAX. These costs are NOT legitimate. If you pay this you will never see your money again. This is THE SCAM.

Under NO circumstances should you pay ANY funds up front for any reason whatsoever.
It should be understood that criminal gangs have rows and rows of computers sending out emails to unsuspecting people on a daily basis.
Amazingly, there are enough stupid people out there who WILL accept an email offer and actually believe it, and they WILL send money.

Further reading Click Here

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