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  This service is provided courtesy of www.xe.com.

xe.com  Universal Currency Converter™
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Universal Currency Converter service and trade mark under licence from xe.com.
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  Rates are obtained from a variety of sources. They always include the latest available market data from live, real-time rate feeds containing data from foreign exchange markets all around the world. Because it's always daytime somewhere in the world, there is a good chance that a currency market somewhere is currently trading.
Since the available sources are global, this means that data for a specific currency can be updated even when the markets of its home country are closed.
To convert currency - type into the left column the amount you wish to convert - select the appropriate currencies - then click the "Perform Currency Conversion" button.
To return to this site from the conversion page - click on the back button - once.

NOTE: This service is provided as a general guide to currency markets globally, and should not be relied on as being totally accurate.


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